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The singular objective of Stärkenn Sports Pvt Ltd was a simple one; develop an eco-system that would ensure the sustainable growth of the cycling culture in India. This objective was addressed by ensuring the Indian consumer had a) the best bikes & technology available internationally, b) the best spares & accessories that enhance the cycling experience, and, c) a reliable and highly competent service infrastructure. It’s been an awesome journey since inception, but the strides and revolution Stärkenn Sports has brought to Indian Cycling Culture can be seen in the high acceptability of its products and services. Let’s now get into what we did to ensure we delivered on our objective.

a) Making the best bikes & technology available to the Indian Consumer: We went and got the biggest international brand to the country; Giant. And we did not just get in the Giant’s entry level products (which is our bread and butter), but their entire range of bicycles; from the Rincon to the XTC 29er Advanced SL 0 and Anthem Advanced in the Off-road category, from the SCR SE to the Propel Advanced SL 0 in the on-road category and the Roam 3 to the AnyroadComax in the X Road category. However, that was not enough. There is still a significant gap in the ride experience between the bikes being offered by international players and the ones here in India, and to bridge this gap, we brought in the Stärkenn range of bicycles. Bikes with a higher degree of affordability ensuring the cyclists an awesome ride experience, owing to the high-quality componentry offered. The Stärkenn range boasts of bicycles for a 4-year-old child (Ace FX, LX, SX, VX and ZX), to adolescents (NEO 5400), to the commuter and fitness riders (AXE 7500, NEO 5500 and NEO 5700), and even to aspiring MTB racers (NEO 5800 and NEO 5850). The mix of these products delivered at both our state-of-art Giant Stärkenn Cycling Worlds and some of the best bicycle shops in the country, ensures we have a bike for whatever type and level of riding an Indian cyclist wants.

b) Making the best spares & accessories available to the Indian Consumer: There’s a lot that goes into cycling besides the bike. We needed to enhance the safety, the comfort, the overall experience of getting onto the road (or off it) with your bicycle, and to ensure, that your bike spends more time being ridden and enjoyed. Here again, we wanted the finest for the Indian cyclists. So, we got the best bike, rider and service gear from across the globe to our Giant Stärkenn Cycling Worlds and our dealer outlets. To name a few (as the list is extensive), we got products from the largest bicycle component manufacturer, Shimano, the world’s leader in wheel systems, safety gear and apparels, Mavic, of course the entire gear range from Giant, drivetrain spares from the biggest international brand, VP, chains from the world’s largest manufacturer of chains, KMC and the world’s leading suspension manufacturer FOX. In addition to the above, we also have an extensive range of Stärkenn accessories, ranging from kickstands, pumps to apparel and safety gear. There are over 100 parts used to make a bicycle, and we’ve got them all.

c) Reliable and Competent service infrastructure: Selling the best means you should be able to service the best. Keeping that in mind, each of our Giant Stärkenn Cycling Worlds houses a Stärkenn Technical Center. Our Technical Centers are capable of servicing any make, model and type of bike. They are stocked with professional tools from VAR (France), the oldest bicycle tool manufacturer in the world, as well as Park Tool (USA), used by most UCI Pro Continental cycling teams like Team Sunweb. In addition to the tools, we have service stands and a full-fledged bike spa from the world’s leader, Bicisupport (Italy). However, tools are only as good as the person using them, and the brains and heart of the Stärkenn Technical Center is made of brilliant Technicians certified by Shimano, Fox, bikefitting.com, VP and a host of the leading brands we’ve mentioned earlier. This has been all about the workshop arm of the STC. The STC also delivers training on bicycle maintenance to cyclists who want to learn the basic DIY maintenance do’s and don’ts, to channel partners that want to upgrade their service capabilities and to individuals looking to make a career in bicycle maintenance. Also, at the STC, we have the best brand neutral bike fot system from bikefitting.com, which ensures that both you and your ride are putting out their maximum potential.  When we put all this together, we can safely say, that the Stärkenn Technical Centers are the best in South Asia.

The above three pillars have ensured we at Stärkenn have built and effective eco-system to sustainably grow the cycling culture in India, and in the process building an in-house capability of addressing all the requirement of the myriad of cyclists in the country. We are the one stop solution for all cyclists needs. We ensured the best is made available to the Indian consumer and also went about making sure that these were made available in the finest environment. Our company operated showrooms, the Giant Stärkenn Cycling Worlds in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune & Bengaluru showcase some of the firsts like bike simulator, bike fit, bike library, bike café in addition to the Stärkenn Technical Centers and the entire range of bikes and accessories.

Apart from the company operated showrooms mentioned above, we have a growing dealer channel effectively covering over 70 Indian cities through over 140 of some of the top bicycle sales outlets. Our channel partners are hand-picked basis the quality of their consumer connect, the customer focus and the efficacy of their locations. The company owned showrooms and the dealer channel ensures a national footprint enabling the quality products and service of Stärkenn is made available to cyclists wherever required. To aid the sales network to deliver value, Stärkenn looks to deliver marketing solutions where objectives are three pronged; 1) grow the cycling culture, through key property development and sponsorships, 2) grow the cycling community, through individual and corporate ride program management and 3) grow the sport, through turnkey project management of sporting events (e.g. Giant Stärkenn MTB Nationals) and athlete sponsorship.

All these are backed by an organization driven by the best set of personsyou’d find in the bicycle industry, strong process orientation and robust infrastructure, all striving to ensure a cyclist (at whichever stage in his/her cycling life) is offered the best experience while interacting with Stärkenn.

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