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In this highly competitive world where life is often referred to as a “race”, we all look for that one moment of freedom; freedom from stress, freedom from responsibilities and freedom from our day to day chaotic lives. Starkenn Sports was born as a befitting reply to this perennial problem of our society – stress, anxiety, health issues and so on and so forth.

Being one of the early entrants in the premium biking market of the country, we have seen people becoming more and more optimistic about cycling right now than they’ve ever been and this trend is here to stay. It is fun, enjoyable and also faster than many other modes of transport. From youngsters hiring bicycles to roam around the city to adults enjoying a warm Sunday morning, cycling is fast catching up as yet another favorite go- to recreational activity.

We invite you to be a part of this wonderful world of cycling with Starkenn as we take you down a journey that’s grand and unforgettable.

We represent the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer and brand GIANT, in India. Through this association we bring to you the largest range of world class bicycles. We also have on offer a wide range of bikes from our in-house brand Starkenn. 

Starkenn and Giant bikes are made to satisfy the riders’ need for adventure, outdoor fitness, sporting activity, group indulgence activities etc. The bikes offer the highest levels of safety, performance, comfort and convenience for the users. The Giant Starkenn Cycling world in Pune and Bengaluru showcase some of the firsts like bike simulator, bike spa, bike fit, bike library, bike café and a huge range of bikes from the stable of world’s largest bicycle company, Giant, and a wide range of value-for-money bicycles from Starkenn.

We believe that your biking experience is incomplete without the right set of gears and accessories. As a part of our promise to offer end to end superior cycling experience, we bring to you some of the best known brands in the world to choose from.

We also have many fun and engaging day and night rides. We would love to cycle with you. Please feel free to drop by at our experience centers in Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru & Kolkata to treat yourself to bikes that are technologically superior and ergonomically customized for Indian roads.


Giant is a name that inspires awe! It is not just the world’s largest bicycle manufacturing company but also the original equipment manufacturer for quite a few of the world’s best known brands. Giant is amongst the leading bicycle brand in every country where it has marked its presence. Having multiple manufacturing units in Netherland, Taiwan & China, Giant today has a presence in over 104 countries worldwide and has 11,570 employees on its roll. And this count keeps growing by the day.

Giant started in 1972 with a singular goal of creating a better cycling experience for people around the world.The brand’s three core values of Craftsmanship, Innovation and Inspiration drive the company even today.

Over the last four decades, Giant has grown well beyond its manufacturing roots. With more than 12,000 retail partners worldwide, this exceptional brand aims to inspire adventure in all riders, from casual to competitive.

Giant is the buzzword in innovative bicycles. It is a brand that has allowed riders to experience cycling in a whole new way by pioneering advancements in both aluminium and composite engineering technology.

Giant bikes win world championships and design awards too, but most importantly they win the hearts of riders who choose to make cycling a part of their lives. We at Starkenn Sports are committed to extend the same values and thrills that Giant symbolises the world over.

Have an accessory need? We have stocked it all!

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