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Elite Turno Smooth and Powerful Smart Fluid Home Trainer


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Smooth and powerful Smart (not interactive) fluid hometrainer
Indoor training is a fundamental part of cycling preparation! Train like your favorite Champs!

  • Smart (not interactive) Fluid Trainer
  • Direct transmission hometrainer with fluid resistance
  • Progressive fluid resistance as a function of speed
  • Compatible with third party apps and software, computers, smartphones, tablets, cycle computers that feature ANT+™ Power, Ant+™ Speed&Cadence and Bluetooth
  • Smart Power and Bluetooth Smart Speed&Cadence protocols
  • 12 months of free subscription to the My E-Training (Mobile version)* included: monitor training data via smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android)

*Turno is nowadays compatible only with the mobile version (iOS and Android) of My E-Training software. Turno will become compatible with Desktop version (Mac and Windows) soon.

Tech Info

*Ensure your bike is compatible with the Drivo interactive trainer before purchase.

TURNO is the new trainer with direct drive and integrated fluid resistance technology, that has become part of the wide range of solutions offered by Elite for indoor training. Even more precise, silent and powerful, TURNO represents the evolution of the Turbo Muin trainer from which it takes all the pros and strength points, going beyond, with the objective of growing and improving even further.

In design and structure, TURNO inherits all the characteristics of the top range trainers of the Elite collection; this gives it great stability and ease of use. Use is simple and requires few steps. Just replace the back wheel of the bike with TURNO and start your training managing the gear speeds as if you were pedalling on the road. The resistance progressively and automatically increases with the speed produced by the cyclist and the internal flywheel allows a pedalling roundness that matches the road experience perfectly. This type of trainer is characterized by the direct transmission of the power delivered by the cyclist, since the system is connected to the bicycle chain.

Even if it can be used as a traditional trainer (you position the trainer, fix the bike and pedal freely), in comparison with its predecessor, TURNO is born Smart, that is with the capacity of sending via wireless ANT + and Bluetooth communication protocol all the data produced during training. In fact, inside TURNO, there is already the Misuro B+ Sensor that allows sending data such as speed, cadence and power, allowing the cyclist to monitor (on smartphone, tablet, cyclocomputer and compatible browsers, even using third parties’ and not just Elite’s Apps and software) his/her training and assess his/her performance.

Precision is without doubt one of TURNO’s strong points. The Misuro B+ Sensor in the trainer is calibrated ad hoc by Elite on each individual model, through a maximum precision ergometer. Every individual trainer produced is mapped and the power curves are saved on your Misuro B+ Sensor, correcting therefore any possible construction tolerances that there may be. This guarantees a precision never obtained before for a trainer that is not provided with a built-in power meter.

My E-Training - Mobile version*: an exciting and technically sophisticated virtual coach that travels with you whatever your destination. Manage power, heart rate, speed, time and distance directly from your smartphone or  tablet with the My E-Training.

My E-Training includes:

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