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After the recent introduction of Giant's all-new Trance 29 trail bike range, the reviews have been rolling in from media outlets around the world.

In early August some of the top editors from various cycling publications were invited to learn about the new Trance 29, which features progressive 29er geometry along with an updated version of Giant’s award-winning Maestro Suspension. With 115mm of fully active rear wheel travel and 130mm up front, this new trail bike blends agile and efficient climbing capabilities with smooth control for fast, technical descents.

Editors had a chance to ride the flagship model, the 2019 Trance Advanced Pro 29, on challenging terrain in Santa Caterina, Italy. The rugged alpine trails provided valuable insight on how the bike performs on the trail.

More than 25 initial reports and first-ride reviews have already been published, with more in-depth reviews to come as the bikes begin showing up at Giant retailers around the world.

“I can attest to the Trance 29 being a very versatile and capable bike, one that I would choose for riding in a large variety of locations on diverse terrain,” wrote Daniel Sapp from pinkbike.com. “It’s nimble, quick, and yes, fun.”

The Australian publication Revolution MTB was on hand in Italy, and had this to say after an initial test ride: "Those short 435mm chain stays make lifting the front wheel virtually effortless. I guess the thing that really surprised me the most was that it never felt like a little bike. I never found myself wanting more travel. We rode a real variety of trails at the launch, lots of really long fast descents, heaps of really technical sections, and at no point did I feel that the Trance 29 ever ran out of talent (except perhaps from its pilot!)" 

Bicycling.com editor Louis Mazzante had a chance to test the new Trance Advanced Pro 29 for several weeks in the U.S., and reported on his impressions in a feature posted on the Bicycling.com website.  

“With its relatively long reach and wheelbase, slack headtube angle, and capable parts, you can attack descents and carry insane speeds for a bike with only 115mm of travel,” wrote Mazzante. “The Maestro Suspension has always been good, but on this bike it feels even better. The rear wheel felt free to glide over terrain without the shock moving unnecessarily. All the little details (and some big ones) on the Trance make it feel like something special. It’s light and fast, and ready for almost anything.”

To learn more about the full new range of new Trance 29 bikes, click here.

And for more insights and ride reviews, check out these stories by some of top cycling websites and test editors from around the world.

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