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The Giant Factory Off-Road Team brought a full squad of contenders to the remote roads and trails of the Sierra Nevada mountain range near Quincy, California, last weekend to compete in the one-of-a-kind Grinduro event.

Riding their all-new Revolt Advanced gravel bikes, the team represented well, landing three of the top-five positions in the pro men’s field at the end of a fun-filled day. After the dust had settled, Joshua Berry finished third, Carl Decker was fourth and Stephan Davoust was fifth. The team's fourth rider, Tristan Uhl, was also in the top-10 before a punctured tire in the final stage dropped him to 18th overall. 

Part competition, part backwoods party, Grinduro combines endurance gravel riding with timed stages similar to the off-road enduro format. The day covers 65 miles of rugged terrain, over 8,000 feet of climbing, and four timed “special stages” that demand both fitness and off-road handling skills.

Grinduro also serves as the final race of the Lost Sierra Triple Crown competition, which includes three events in Northern California: the Lost and Found Gravel Grinder in June, the Downieville Classic in August, and Grinduro in October.

The Triple Crown was the main focus of the weekend for veteran Carl Decker, who came into the final race of the series holding the lead. Decker has owned the Triple Crown for the past three years, and to win it again he needed to stay at the front of the field in Grinduro.

He did just that, riding well in all four stages, which included a diverse set of challenges from climbing to dirt road descents to rolling pavement and a singletrack downhill. In the end, Decker finished fourth overall to take home the Triple Crown once again.

“It was cool having the team looking good in the same kit and bikes, all of us similarly paced, ending up close together in the results,” Decker said. “Moving forward, to do these kinds of events with guys of similar speed, excited to learn about new events and new places, it’s a fun time to be on the Giant Factory Off-Road Team.”

One of the guys learning was Berry, an experienced road pro who has transitioned into gravel racing this year. Berry led the way for the squad at Grinduro, taking the top overall placing of third overall.

“I asked Carl many questions and was lucky to follow him and Stephan around on the course,” Berry said. “It’s been four years since I’ve had to go fast down a hill and these guys set me up to shred after just a few rides. I can’t thank them enough for putting up with me.”

Berry, who has been on a tear with podium finishes at major gravel races this year, including Gravel Worlds and Rebecca’s Private Idaho, said his Revolt Advanced bike was perfect for the diverse Grinduro terrain.

“It’s nice to be on a bike that’s stiff enough to sprint for the finish on the road, stay seated through rough uphill racing, and hit jumps, berms and rocks at full speed on some steep singletrack,” he said. “Our mechanics really went the extra mile to make my bike perfect and it paid off. I stayed light and let it roll on the final stage descent, and I am excited I could finish on the podium in my first Grinduro experience.”

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