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Cyclist magazine recently tested the new Surge Pro footwear, calling the performance road shoe “comfortable, close-fitting shoes with oodles of tech” and giving it a near-perfect rating of 4.5 (out of 5) stars.

Cyclist tester Peter Muir acknowledged that it can be tricky to rate cycling shoes based on fit—due to variable foot shapes and sizes—but claimed his own experiences trying to find a good fit makes him a good case study.

“My feet barely meet the definition of foot-shaped at all, being unnaturally long and thin,” Muir wrote. “If a brand can make a shoe that works for me, then the chances are they will be good for anyone. And the good news is the new Giant Surge Pro shoes fit me beautifully. Giant has done its homework and produced a shoe that should be the best fit for the majority of people.”

Muir went on to describe the technologies and design behind the new Surge Pro, which features the thermoset carbon ExoBeam outsole combined with the ExoWrap support in the upper and a BOA Powerzone closure.

“My initial impression upon donning the shoes was that they cradle the foot in a way that is both secure and comfortable,” Muir wrote. “Where with some shoes I will find myself cranking the dials or straps as tight as possible in order to get a neat fit, the Surge Pros swaddled my feet rather than squeezed them.”

Gauging the efficiency of the shoes, Muir wrote that the ExoBeam helped him transfer power straight to the pedals: “The ExoBeam acts like a girder, and no amount of stamping on the pedals could induce it to bend in the slightest. Combined with the snug fit and cunning heel-retaining material, the super-stiff sole ensured that no effort was lost to flex or slippage.”

For more, check out the full review on the Cyclist web site.

And for the full story on the new Surge Pro, including a video and technology details, click here.

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