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Mountain Bike Action recently tested the new Line trail shoe, publishing a review on the mbaction.com website. Testers praised the shoe for its comfort and function, giving it a strong ranking of 4 (out of 5) stars.

“Giant has been pushing to offer riders the best footwear on the trail,” MBA wrote. “The Line MTB shoes are Giant’s burlier shoe aimed at enduro and gravity riders. We tested these shoes on some of our more technical trails to see if they could hold up.”

Describing the fit, feel and performance of the Line, which was developed with input from Giant Factory Off-Road Team enduro racers, MBA wrote:

“Once clipped in, the Line shoes proved to have a soft sole that gripped the pins on our more aggressive gravity pedals confidently. The midsole stiffness was correctly tuned for larger platform pedals, and it also gave our riders a pleasant freedom of movement. No hot spots were felt during our test, confirming the quality of the overall fit and adjustment. The Line shoes are also cool enough in the warmest climates and very comfortable on the longest rides.”

For more, check out the full review on the Mountain Bike Action website.

And for all the technical details on the Line shoe, click here.


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