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Bike Magazine selected the Trance Advanced Pro 29 as one of the top short-travel 29er trail bikes of 2019 for its latest Bible of Bike Tests Buyer’s Guide, praising the all-new carbon off-roader as “category-defying, trail-ripping fun in a snappy, short-travel package.”

Each year Bike chooses the best mountain bikes on the market and brings them to a top trail riding destination to put them to the test. This year the Bike crew gathered in Southwest Utah, and they included the Trance Advanced Pro 29 0 as one of its premier trail bikes.

Detailing what’s new with the Trance 29 range, Bike editor Mike Ferrentino wrote: “A full carbon-fiber frame features a modest 115 millimeter of rear travel, utilizing the latest evolution of Giant’s Maestro suspension. It occupies a unique space—big wheels, in-betweeny suspension travel, balanced geometry that works across a broad range of riding styles and terrain.”

Describing the bike’s riding characteristics on the rocky, technical terrain of Utah, Ferrentino wrote: “This is a fast bike. Stomp the pedals and it snaps to attention. It climbs fast, translating effort into forward momentum everywhere from smooth terrain to ledgy chunk, and it doesn’t care at all whether you are seated or standing, spinning or mashing. The Trance flat hauls the mail.”

For more, pick up a copy of the Bike Magazine Bible of Bike Tests, or click here to read the review and check out this video including a roundtable discussion among Bike testers.

And for all the technical details on the full new Trance 29 range, click here.

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