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Bicycling magazine posted a new review of the Contend road bike, praising the ride quality and value of the aluminum all-rounder. Test editors Gabriel Lodge and Matt Jacobs each spent time on the Contend 3 model and found its smooth, stable road feel perfect for entry-level and aspiring road riders.

“I took the Contend 3 on some of my favorite climbs, then favorite descents, here in Northeast Pennsylvania, and I can plainly say that this frame is on par with other aluminum road bikes I’ve ridden that are twice its price,” reads the review. “The geometry places you in a relatively upright position, which made riding near tempo and spinning uphill feel less taxing than when on racier models, and it was surprisingly compliant when I was riding over 20 mph.”

Bicycling points to the Contend’s smooth-riding 28c tires and wide gear range as contributors to its pleasing ride quality. Jacobs wrote about how he used the bike to tackle a steep climb that he usually chooses to avoid:

“On this ride, I decided to give it a go and try to make the most of the 34t gear as I rarely have one so small,” he wrote. “I actually enjoyed it. It wasn’t because I did it particularly fast or because it was the steepest climb in the area but because I had accomplished something that I had been avoiding. For first-time riders, it could inspire confidence to start riding in the same way it gave me the confidence to climb that hill.”

For more, check out the full review at Bicycling.com.

And for all the details on the full range of Contend bikes, click here.

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